Where This Journey Begins For Jokers Hill Roastery…

Dried Beans
Beautiful Guatmalan Beans

 As coffee lovers, we all want the best coffee, but ask yourself, have you really had fresh coffee? Most coffee we consume comes from “brands” in which beans from many farmers, regions, and even countries, are all mixed together, roasted in the largest bulk quantities possible, and finally ground to fit the average coffee drinker’s home machine. For some popular coffee companies, it can take months, or even years before you brew up that “fresh” bag you bought at your local grocery store.

 So for those of you who want something better, there aren’t a lot of options unless you go to trendy “specialty” stores, which perhaps offer “single origin” or regionally sourced coffee. This doesn’t really change things all that much though, as the beans were still roasted, ground and packaged a long time before the bag found it’s way to your home. Modern coffee roasting methods often rely on “dark roasts” to hide the fact that you are really not buying fresh coffee.


REality of “Fresh” Coffee

 The reality is that unroasted coffee beans can stay fresh for a long time, but once they have been roasted, their freshness half-life can be measured in months. Peak freshness drops to weeks once the beans have been ground, so how can your coffee be fresh when it was processed months or years ago?


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